Stagecraft and Theater Resource Guide

It takes many different skill sets and talents to produce a successful play. Actors, artists, writers, and technicians all work together to create a cohesive vision. This is why communication is key in theater; not only are all of these talents working together backstage but they also must be able to communicate their ideas to the wider audience who will be watching the show.

You can create your own production whether you are working with a group of people or performing solo. For example people with a penchant for making things with their hands may find joy in building their own puppet. There are many options of how you could find an audience for your puppet show or play. Not only could you perform in front of a live audience but you could also film the show with a camera or smartphone to upload on the web. Minors should make sure to get parental permission before uploading media online. If you are filming your production it helps to practice taping during rehearsals to note details such as who enters the stage from where and the sound quality. You also don't need a huge budget to craft your own play! It's possible to create props and costumes from recycled materials such as cardboard and duct tape. Below are some resources to help you get started.

The Writing Process

Acting Resources

Setting the Scene

Costume Creation

Puppet Theater

Getting Technical