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NCAA Men's Basketball National Championship 2015

This year, the National Championship will be played on April 6 at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis. A full strip of Final Four tickets in Indianapolis, including both semifinals and the National Championship, are selling for an average of $1193 on the secondary market. At this time last year, Final Four tickets were selling for $1075, which represents an 11% increase in ticket prices over last year. Compared to two years ago, when full strip tickets to the 2013 Final Four and National Championship cost $1430, ticket prices are down 16 percent. In general, ticket prices to the Final Four decrease as teams get eliminated, but it will definitely be interesting to see how Kentucky's undefeated streak factors into ticket prices to the 2015 Final Four and NCAA National Championship.

The average ticket price to the national championship game over the past few years has been extremely variable. The most expensive National Championship game in recent history was the 2013 matchup between Louisville and Michigan in Atlanta, where the average ticket price was $539. The cheapest National Championship game recently was the 2012 game in New Orleans where tickets were just $233 on average, roughly half the price of the 2013 Championship. Last year tickets averaged $404 to see Connecticut and Kentucky battle it out.

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