2020 March Madness Tickets

2020 March Madness Tickets

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2020 March Madness Bracket

First / Second Round

Albany, NY

Cleveland, OH

Spokane, WA

Sacramento, CA

Sweet 16 / Elite 8

New York, NY

East Regional

Los Angeles, CA

West Regional

Final Four

Atlanta, GA

Sweet 16 / Elite 8

Houston, TX

South Regional

Indianapolis, IN

Midwest Regional

First / Second Round

Tampa, FL

Greensboro, NC

St. Louis, MO

Omaha, NE

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March Madness 2020

When the calendar flips to March, there is just one thing on every sports fan's mind: the NCAA Tournament is just weeks away. With dozens of games every year that help the tournament live up to its "Madness" nickname, it's an event on every fan's bucket list.

March Madness 2020 Schedule

This year, Selection Sunday is on March 15, 2020, with the First Four games taking place March 17 and 18. First and second round games will take place March 19-22, with the Sweet 16 and Elite 8 taking place March 26-29.

All eyes will then turn to the 2020 Final Four, played on April 4 at Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta, with the championship two days later on April 6.

March Madness 2020 Dates and Locations

2020 NCAA Tournament Dates, Sites, Locations

Round Location Dates
First Four Dayton, OH March 17 & 18
First and Second Round Albany, NY March 19 & 21
First and Second Round Saint Louis, MO March 19 & 21
First and Second Round Spokane, WA March 19 & 21
First and Second Round Tampa, FL March 19 & 21
First and Second Round Cleveland, OH March 20 & 22
First and Second Round Greensboro, NC March 20 & 22
First and Second Round Omaha, NE March 20 & 22
First and Second Round Sacramento, CA March 20 & 22
South Regional Houston, TX March 27 & 29
West Regional Los Angeles, CA March 26 & 28
East Regional New York, NY March 27 & 29
Midwest Regional Indianapolis, IN March 26 & 28
Final Four Atlanta, GA April 4 & 6

NCAA Tournament Ticket Prices

NCAA Tournament ticket prices can vary substantially based on a handful of variables, including the stage of play, the location of the games, and the teams playing. The earlier rounds are typically less expensive. As the tournament progresses and demand for tickets rises in the later rounds, ticket prices tend to increase. See below for a chart of the average ticket price by NCAA Tournament round.

march madness ticket prices

What does a "Full Strip" of tickets mean?

A full strip of tickets includes a ticket to each of the sessions hosted at that venue. For the first and second round locations, this would include tickets to the two afternoon session games, the two evening session games, and the two second round games in the third session. In the case of the Sweet 16 and Elite 8, a full strip would include tickets for the games at the location for both those rounds. In the case of the Final Four, a full strip includes tickets to the two semifnal games as well as the Championship game.

Why are tickets broken into sessions?

Unlike most sporting events, in the case of the NCAA Tournament many tickets include admission to more than a single game. In the First Round, Second Round, and Sweet 16, each session includes admission to back-to-back games. However, in the case of the First Round Session 1 tickets do not include admission to the games in Session 2, and vice versa, even though the games are on the same day.

March Madness 2020 Early Round Sites

The first and second round games for this year’s NCAA Tournament are taking place in eight exciting U.S. cities. To shop tickets in each of these locations, follow the links below.