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How do I get Super Bowl tickets?

The NFL controls distribution of Super Bowl tickets. The two participating teams each receive 17.5% of the tickets, and another 5% goes to the host city. The remaining teams in the league split 34.8% of the tickets evenly.

This leaves the league with 25.2% of tickets, which they mostly divvy up between sponsors and the media. However, a small fraction of these tickets is reserved for for a drawing where lucky fans have the opportunity to buy tickets at face value. This year, fans could apply for the drawing for Super Bowl XLIX tickets between February and June. Winners should already have been notified by this point. For the rest of us, that leaves the secondary market as the only viable way to find a ticket to the Super Bowl.

How much do Super Bowl XLIX tickets cost on the secondary market?

With last year's Super Bowl champion back in the game and the Patriots going to their sixth Super Bowl in the Brady-Belichick era, "Super Bowl fatigue" will likely result in one of the cheapest Super Bowls in recent memory. Many fans from both teams have recently paid to attend a Super Bowl, so going to the game is no longer a novelty. Based on what we've seen so far, prices are at five year lows, and we expect the market to continue to track below recent Super Bowls over the next two weeks.

By both median and average ticket price, on the night of the conference championship games Super Bowl XLIX is by far the cheapest Super Bowl in the five years that we have been tracking the ticket market. With an average ticket price of $2,670, the Super Bowl tickets in 2015 are 20% less expensive than tickets last year, which averaged $3,468 at this time. That's over $700 less!

As it currently stands, the current price floor on tickets for Super Bowl XLIX is $1,800 for an upper-level ticket, which is also down 14% from $2,100 last year. Based on the transactions we've seen so far, the cheapest ticket for Super Bowl XLIX was $1,650 on the secondary market.

On the flip side, we've also seen the most expensive Super Bowl ticket since Super Bowl XLV: a club-level ticket on the 50-yard line went for $11,500 this year. On average, fans are paying $2,097 per ticket for upper-level seats, $3,949 for lower-level seats, and $5,304 for club-level seats. Prime seats in each of these sections are approximately double the price of end zone or corner seats.

Generally speaking, the average Super Bowl ticket costs between $2500 and $3000, but that price varies depending on the particular matchup and when the tickets are purchased. Last season the Seahawks-Broncos tickets averaged $2536 on the secondary market. Tickets for Super Bowl XLV went for a whopping $3561 largely due to the matchup between the Packers and the Steelers. Super Bowl XLVII, featuring the Ravens and 49ers, went for $2478, and the Giants-Patriots rematch the previous year went for $2993.

The price of Super Bowl tickets typically falls as the event nears, but ticket prices shift significantly once the matchup is determined. Last season, ticket prices also suffered because of concerns about the weather. There was also a noticeable decline in Super Bowl XLVII ticket prices leading up to the game, but it was less pronounced (possibly due to fans wanting to see Ray Lewis's last game). Ticket prices for the Giants-Patriots rematch actually increased before eventually falling off. The only game that didn't suffer a decline in ticket prices in the past four years was Super Bowl XLV because it featured the Packers and the Steelers: two teams with some of the largest and most loyal fan bases in the league.

How do ticket prices for this season's Super Bowl compare to previous years?

As of right now, ticket prices are the lowest they have been in the past five seasons.

Although tickets are by no means cheap, coming in at $2915 on average, they are 26% less expensive than tickets sold by this time last year, when the average ticket price was $3955. Some of the difference can be attributed to the fact that New York was the host city last year. (The fact that no one would know what a polar vortex was and that it might affect weather for the game also probably helped.) Two seasons ago, tickets were going for $3155 in New Orleans, and three seasons ago they were averaging $3179 in Indianapolis. For Super Bowl XLV in Dallas, tickets were getting sold for an average of $2935 at this time.

With so much uncertainty this year over which two teams will make it to Super Bowl XLIX, there are more fans buying tickets. So while the the price of tickets is down this year, the number of tickets sold so far is at its highest point in five seasons. There have already been over 1000 tickets sold on the secondary market for Super Bowl XLIX compared this time last year when only a few hundred tickets had been sold for Super Bowl XLVIII.

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