Frontend Engineer
We’ve tried to create the simplest, most elegant way to discover events and buy tickets. We humbly believe SeatGeek has the best UI in ticketing, but there is still so much room for improvement.

We’re looking for a developer who will spend his/her time focused on building beautiful, performant UIs on desktops, phones and tablets. The ideal candidate will enjoy diving into the Chrome DevTools Timeline to optimize the rendering of our interactive maps and yet is also obsessed with pixel-perfection.

Most developers at SeatGeek are full stack. You won't be; you'll be a specialist. What sort of background do you need? I’m glad you asked:

Explaining the Histogram

  • HTML/CSS: This stuff is easy for you. SVG/Canvas/WebGL is where it starts to get interesting. We don't bother with IE < 9, and much of your work will be on mobile devices with WebKit browsers.
  • Javascript: You've got an excellent grasp of the language. You're familiar with modern frameworks, and client-side rendering techniques.
  • UI Instincts: Ideally you have strong feelings about how a webpage should look and feel. Please note that this is different from being a visual designer. We are not looking for someone who can create comps from scratch.
  • Photoshop: This one is optional. Ideally you are familiar with Photoshop, but it's fine if you aren't. If you've never opened Photoshop in your life but are still interested, please apply.

What You'll Be Doing

  • Build highly interactive UIs that look and feel great
  • Visualize interesting datasets and powerful models with modern frontend technologies
  • Work with an advanced collection of APIs and tools that are already in place
  • Work with the SeatGeek design folks to create interfaces using HTML and CSS
  • Prototype experimental features
  • Participate in the conceptualization and wireframing of new interfaces (optional, depending on your interest)

Job Perks

  • A competitive base salary and equity stake in a well-funded growth stage company
  • A culture where the product is king
  • A monthly budget to spend on tickets to live events
  • A laid-back, fun workplace with an endless supply of snacks/coffee/beer, frequent team lunches, and social jaunts organized by Eric Waller, our official Social Chair
  • The opportunity to write code that is used outside of SeatGeek, e.g. we've opensourced our a/b testing framework, Sixpack, our Redis-backed autocompleting service, Soulmate, and our Python string matching library, FuzzyWuzzy
  • A superb benefits package, including full health/dental/vision
  • Hackathons: scheduled times when everyone drops what they’re doing and builds cool stuff in small groups