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A NCAA Mens Final Four live event

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About NCAA Tournament Mens Final Four Tickets

NCAA Basketball Men's Final Four

After all of the wild upsets and exciting action of the NCAA Tournament, everything comes to a head at the Final Four. The Final Four consists of the semifinal and final rounds of the NCAA Tournament, when the four teams left standing play games on the last Saturday and Monday of the tournament. Though having fewer games to watch is disappointing after the madness of March, the high quality of these games makes the Final Four incredibly entertaining.

NCAA Tournament Final Four History

Technically speaking, the first NCAA Tournament Final Four took place in 1939, the year that the NCAA Tournament first came into existence. At the time, the tournament consisted of only eight teams, so qualifying for the Final Four really didn't mean much, in that you only had to win one game to get there. That 1939 Final Four consisted of Villanova, Oklahoma, Ohio State, and Oregon, with the Ducks winning the national championship over the Buckeyes.

While that was technically a Final Four, the term Final Four did not exist for much longer than that, nearly 40 years to be exact. The term first appeared in a 1975 edition of the Official Collegiate Basketball Guide, and took off from there until it was eventually trademarked by the NCAA for official use during the NCAA men's basketball tournament.

Since then, the Final Four has become a huge phenomenon. With the field now expanded to 68 teams, being one of the last four schools remaining means so much more than it did when the tournament consisted of just a handful of teams. With the increase in competition has come an increase in the excitement of the surrounding environment of the games.

Instead of the smaller venues that Final Four games used to be played in, the Final Four is now contested in full football stadiums, with seats packed both in the stands that normally surround football stadiums, as well as additional seating to cover the areas around the court. The attendance figures are up around 100,000 people for Final Four games, making them among the most attended sporting events in America every year.

When does the 2023 Final Four take place?

This year's Final Four will take place April 1-3 at NRG Stadium in Houston, TX.

Memorable Final Four Moments

Among the shining moments that make the Final Four so great are memorable shots that will forever be etched in history. One such moment belongs to NC State, when their 1983 team won on a last second putback shot to shock the mighty Houston Cougars. Images of NC State head coach Jim Valvano scrambling around the court looking for someone to hug as he shook off his disbelief will always be one of the most memorable moments of the Final Four.

Other noteworthy moments in Final Four history include Kris Jenkins' game winning shot for Villanova to take home the 2016 national championship over the North Carolina Tar Heels in a truly amazing sequence of plays. Before Jenkins' shot, North Carolina's Marcus Paige hit a running, mid-air three point shot to tie the game, which would have been remembered as one of the greatest shots of all time had Jenkins not one-upped him at the buzzer.

Of course, there was nearly one moment that would have been even more memorable than those mentioned previously had the shot gone in. That moment was Butler's Gordon Hayward launching a halfcourt shot at the buzzer against Duke in the 2010 national championship game. Down by two points, Hayward's halfcourt shot could have won Butler the title, but it barely missed banking in after striking the front rim, denying fans what would have been not only one of the greatest NCAA Tournament moments, but one of the greatest moments in the history of sport.

NCAA Tournament Ticket Prices

NCAA Tournament ticket prices can vary substantially based on a handful of variables, including the stage of play, the location of the games, and the teams playing. The earlier rounds are typically less expensive. As the tournament progresses and demand for tickets rises in the later rounds, ticket prices tend to increase.

What does a "Full Strip" of tickets mean?

A full strip of tickets includes a ticket to each of the sessions hosted at that venue. For the first and second round locations, this would include tickets to the two afternoon session games, the two evening session games, and the two second round games in the third session. In the case of the Sweet 16 and Elite 8, a full strip would include tickets for the games at the location for both those rounds. In the case of the Final Four, a full strip includes tickets to the two semifinal games as well as the Championship game.

Why are tickets broken into sessions?

Unlike most sporting events, in the case of the NCAA Tournament many tickets include admission to more than a single game. In the First Round, Second Round, and Sweet 16, each session includes admission to back-to-back games. However, in the case of the First Round Session 1 tickets do not include admission to the games in Session 2, and vice versa, even though the games are on the same day.