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Believe in the Power of the Rally Monkey!

The fans have spoken and one of the most loved traditions is the Rally Monkey. The Rally Monkey became widely known during the Angels’ World Series win in 2002. This beloved tradition actually started two years earlier thanks in part to Ace Ventura.

"I LOVE the Rally Monkey!"

Helmet Nachos

Overwhelmingly the most recommended food item at Angel Stadium are the Helmet Nachos - so be sure to grab a helmet-full! You also can’t go wrong with grabbing a hot dog - the perfect baseball snack.

"Order the helmet nachos!!"

Take the Metrolink

To save some money on parking and time from sitting in the car, take the Metrolink Angels Express. A roundtrip is only $7 for adults and you can avoid some of the stress from sitting in traffic after the game.

"Take the Metrolink Angels Express train to the game and avoid parking costs and hassles."

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