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A walk through history

It’s always great when visiting a ballpark for the first time to try to get a sense of the team history, and Comerica Park is the perfect setup to do so. The venue has several statues of famous Tigers, with each one uniquely highlighting a different player in franchise history. Many fans suggested arriving early at the ballpark to check out all of the statues before heading to your seats for the game.

"Arrive early so you can walk the inside perimeter and see all of the displays from each decade since the Tigers were established as a team in the early 1900s, plus the statues of famous Tigers from the past."

Best seat in the house

While fans recommended seats all over Comerica Park, it was behind the dugouts that seemed to be the most popular spot for fans. Unlike some parks where the side of the field has a big impact on the sun and temperature, here, fans said that both the first and third base lines bring great views of the action, and a chance to really feel as though you are part of the game.

"Just about anywhere, but I love the box seats on both the first and third baselines behind the dugouts."

Perfect for the kids

The Tigers really focus on making Comerica Park fun for the whole family, with both a carousel and a ferris wheel available to fans of all ages. The attractions are spread out throughout the park, so many fans recommended taking a lap to see what their family might be interested in.

"The pitching radar machine - perfect for kids...or adults who want to see if they can still bring the heat."

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