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Grab some Skyline Chili

When hunger strikes, look no further than Skyline Chili. Offering top notch chili throughout Cincinnati for 70 years now, it’s the one restaurant fans recommend for guaranteed good eats.

"Get some Skyline conies while you’re there - it’s a Cincy tradition."

The Red’s Hall of Fame Museum is a must

Reds fans love their history, and there’s no better way to take it all in than to spend time in the Hall of Fame museum. Experience the baseball wall, the bobbleheads, the history and the legendary names, all under one roof!

"If you have time before the game, the Reds museum is a must see."

Brush up on your Pete Rose knowledge

Fans agree: the best way to enjoy yourself at Great American Ball Park is to embrace the Pete Rose of it all. Rose, winner of 3 World Series rings, holds a record for a 44-game hitting streak, and earned the honor of Reds’ Rookie of the Year in 1963 - you can’t miss all of his honors throughout the stadium. If time permits, be sure to check out his hit collection in the Hall of Fame!

"Check out the rose bushes outside the HOF, planted in the exact spot Pete's 4192nd hit landed in old riverfront stadium."

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