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Tailgating is a must!

Tailgates in Kansas City are a unique experience and a must before a Royals game. Tailgating is allowed in Lot N, Royal Way and the Hall of Fame Village. Show up a few hours early to hang out, grill some food and get to know some Royals fans.

"Tailgating is a must. Visit the hall of fame and outfield experience."

So many activities

At "The K," as 94% of fans said they call it, there is tons to do beyond baseball. Try to get there early to check everything out including the carousel, mini golf and Little K (a small baseball diamond for the little ones!). The Hall of Fame museum is recommended as well - fans say it’s best to go during the 2nd or 3rd innings to try to avoid the crowds.

"It’s more than just a ballgame. Come ready for the total experience. There is so much more to see at the ballpark than just the game. Come early & check it all out."

Beer and Brats

If you don’t have time to tailgate before the game, or if you’re still hungry make sure you try the Sheboygan Brat - fans overwhelmingly said this is their favorite food at Kauffman. After, head over to Boulevard Bar & Grill to wash down your brat with a Boulevard Beer.

"I don’t really know that there is a bad seat in the stadium! You can sit anywhere and still get a really good view of the game!"

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