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A unique snack

T-Mobile Field made headlines in 2017 when it introduced toasted grasshoppers to the menu, and for first time visitors the crunchy snack is basically a rite of passage. Those looking for something a bit more standard should be on the search for garlic fries, or swing by Edgar’s Cantina for a unique view of the field. No matter the snack Mariners fans were quick to compliment the selection of beer at the stadium, and a few even made mention of great margaritas.

"Don’t buy food at the first concession stand you see. Walk around a bit to get an idea of the incredible variety, from clam chowder to sushi."

Getting to the game

Many fanbases mentioned parking as an issue in our survey, but few, if any, did it with such strong feelings as Mariners fans. Many fans called out the high prices and terrible traffic, and nearly everyone advised to take mass transit to the game. Options include the light rail and bus, but for a true Seattle experience consider taking the ferry and walking from the terminal.

"City traffic and parking can be a pain. Give yourself time to arrive early, check out the Ken Griffey Jr. statue, enter at the Home Plate Gate, and take a tour of the 100-level concourse."

An old tradition and a new name

Those visiting Seattle may want to touch up on their 1960s music knowledge, as singing "Louie, Louie" during the seventh inning is a tradition that goes back to the 90s. Visitors this season will get to see a brand new tradition - the name of the ballpark, which changed from Safeco Field to T-Mobile Park this offseason. Fans were actually pretty split on the name change, with 51% saying they plan to call it by the new name, and 49% sticking to the old name.

"They play "Louie Louie" right after "Take Me Out to the Ballgame" — a tradition dating back decades."

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