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Set the alarm clock

There are many benefits to arriving early to a Cowboys game - easier to find parking, shorter lines inside, more time to tailgate, and for those heading to the party decks a chance to get a better standing spot. Attending AT&T Stadium is a full-day experience, and the best way to do it is to arrive well before kickoff.

"Get there early! The tailgating is amazing! Food is great! Atmosphere is better!"

Prepare to look up

They say everything is bigger in Texas, and the jumbotron at AT&T Stadium is no exception, extending along much of the field. While this makes it easy to see the action when the game is taking place further away, many regulars mentioned that it is easy to accidentally end up watching much of the game on the screen instead of down on the field.

"Big Screen is distracting (in a good way) ... remember to watch the game live and not on the screen."

A sneak peek

AT&T Stadium is one of the largest venues in the world, and many fans called out that the sheer size of the stadium makes it impossible to see everything in a single trip. Instead arrive a few days early, and take a stadium tour or attend a Rally Day, which gives fans a chance to walk on the field and meet former players and current cheerleaders.

"Go to Rally Day, the day before the game and take a tour of the stadium and go down on the field, get pic on the star, meet some players and the cheerleaders."

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