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It gets loud

Empower Field at Mile High was built to put the fans as close to the action as possible, and fans surveyed called out just how loud and passionate the fans are. Be sure to arrive early enough to take in the full stadium, including the impressive statue of Bucky. The Broncos are a franchise with great history, and the club highlights it throughout the venue.

"Be sure to look at all the cool Broncos history on the outside of the stadium before you go in."

Come prepared

Located where the plains meet the mountains, Denver has one of the most unique climates in the U.S., and conditions can change in a moment. Fans suggested to dress for all occasions, bringing everything from sunscreen, to raincoats, to extra layers for if the temperature suddenly drops.

"Prepare for crazy Colorado weather as it changes rapidly."

Ride the RTD

Located on the outskirts of downtown, the parking situation around Empower Field at Mile High is less than ideal, leading many fans to suggest taking the RTD light rail, which stops right outside the stadium. Some fans even suggested tailgating further away from the stadium, and then hoping on the light rail to get to and from the stadium, thus avoiding the pregame and postgame traffic.

"Take public transportation to and from the game, it’s easier than parking, and you can enjoy downtown Denver as well."

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