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Sons of Wash-ing-ton. Rah!, Rah!, Rah!

By far the fan favorite team tradition was singing along to the Washington Commanders band playing the fight song “Hail to the Redskins.” The band used to play it whenever the team scored a touchdown.

"After a TD singing the fight song is something that can’t be replicated on TV."

Fan favorite food

Fans shared several of their favorite places to eat in FedEx Field - you should try some Boardwalk fries and grab a slice from Papa Johns. If you’re looking to save, you can also bring your own food and tailgate before the game - wings, burgers and hotdogs are some classic fan favorites.

"Bring your own! Chicken Wings? Sausages? Yes please."

Take the Metro to the game

Several Washington Commanders fans shared that parking can be tough. They also shared a couple of tips - if you can, take the metro to the game, it is less than a mile walk from the Metro stop to the entrance. If you need to drive, buy your parking pass ahead of time and try to get there early to avoid traffic - it will also give you time to tailgate and check out the stadium.

"Get there early, it’s a big concourse so allow enough time to walk and see the features."

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