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An atmosphere unlike any other

Lambeau Field nearly pulled off a perfect rating for our atmosphere category, a testament to the balance of history and passion that the stadium holds. Attending a game here is unlike anything else in the NFL, even when the temperatures reach sub-zero. Of course sitting in the front row of the endzone might give you a chance to experience the famous Lambeau Leap, a tradition players around the league have now been copying for years.

"When you step out to the entrance to the field, stand back and just look at the field to soak it all in."

Warm Wisconsin welcome

As a bucket list destination for every NFL fan, Lambeau Field doesn’t have a shortage of out-of-town visitors every game, but the locals certainly know how to welcome them. You will find many Packers fans enjoying a tailgate prior to the game, decked out in their famous cheeseheads. Inside the seating can get a bit complicated with the benches, so make sure to get to your seat before the row fills up.

"Everyone there is friendly and will treat you like a brother no matter what team you’re rooting for."

Full of history

Lambeau Field still has its historical charm, but now also offers fans many of the same modern luxuries of other stadiums. The newly remodeled atrium gives fans a great chance to visit during a game, and is even open to fans on non gamedays. The stadium is one of the most unique in all of sports, and anyone making the trip to Green Bay should make sure to maximize their time at Lambeau.

"Get there a day early to be able to enjoy the Packer Hall of Fame, game day tailgating, and the Pro Shop. The atrium is a nice area to stay out of the cold if you are there in December!"

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