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Blow the horn

A tradition that moved over from Giants fans at the old Candlestick Park, the 49ers now have a fog horn at the top of the stadium that sounds before the game and at every touchdown. Fans called this out as one of their favorite traditions, which is especially impressive considering that the stadium just opened in 2014.

"Get ready to hear the touchdown fog horn if the 49ers are playing a team with little defense. It is loud."

Stay in the shade

While San Francisco is well known for fog and cooler temperatures, Levi’s Stadium is actually located in Santa Clara, which has a whole different climate. The sun can be strong, and fans suggested sitting on the home side of the field to get some shade. Later in the season you might have to deal with rain, so be sure to bring the proper jacket.

"Dress appropriately for the weather. There is little in the way of salvation from the elements."

Walk through history

One of the most historically successful teams in the NFL, even in their new digs the 49ers pay plenty of tribute to the past. Fans specifically called out attending the 49ers Museum within the stadium, as well as the newer statue of Dwight Clark’s “The Catch” from the 1981 championship game.

"Leave time to tour the museum. It’s great!"

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