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Touchdown song

When heading to an Eagles game it might be best to learn the lyrics to “Fly Eagles Fly” as it is played after every touchdown and the favorite tradition of nearly every fan we surveyed. The song ends with the classic E-A-G-L-E-S chant, which you will almost certainly hear throughout the stadium and parking lots at other times as well. Be sure to read up before heading to your first game.

"Fight song baby. Nothing brings the team and fans together more than singing it after every touchdown and win."

Come hungry

With some of the better food options in the league, fans at Eagles games don’t need to fill up at the tailgate, as the stadium offers plenty inside. The top choice of fans - the crab fries at Chickie and Pete’s - are a local delicacy. And of course when in Philadelphia you can always grab a good cheesesteak.

"Explore the food options before making a choice, you may get food envy from a seat neighbor later."

Wear Eagles colors

The most common piece of advice for a first-time attendee to Lincoln Financial Field - don’t wear the other team’s colors. Eagles fans are a passionate bunch, but when rooting for the other team it may be best to lay low and enjoy the game quietly. If you are a neutral fan you will almost certainly get caught up in cheering for the Eagles alongside everyone else.

"Don’t expect to have an easy day if you are rooting for the Eagles opponent."

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