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Hammer time

The top tradition at any Colts game is the banging of the anvil, when a former player or local celebrity will come out and take a sledgehammer to an anvil to fire up the crowd. Fans always look forward to seeing who the special guest will be, and want to make sure to be in there seats in time for the player intros when the stadium really gets loud.

"Be prepared to join in with the chants because it is really contagious! The Bud Light Party Zone gets really intense. Most importantly, the fans are really loyal."

A walking tour

Located right on the edge of downtown Indianapolis, Lucas Oil Stadium is a great stadium to visit for a weekend trip. The stadium has plenty to check out, from the Peyton Manning statue outside, to the race themed north entrance where fans can check out an Indy car. Take a walk around the entire stadium before heading to your seat.

"The downtown area surrounding Lucas Oil Stadium is awesome and everything is in walking distance."

Come hungry

It’s no problem if you show up hungry to a Colts game, as fans called out the stadium as having some of the best food in the league. The most popular choice seemed to be the pot roast sandwich, but a number of fans called out other sandwiches too, from the prime rib to the pork tenderloin. And of course all sandwiches go well with an order of stadium nachos.

"The atmosphere is electric and very family friendly. Get there early to enjoy everything that’s happening around the stadium."

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