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First down

During a Texans game it can sometimes feel like there are thousands of referees in the crowd, as everyone joins in on helping the referee indicate when the team has picked up a first down. From the opening lineups - fans go especially crazy for J.J. Watt - to the Battle Red days, Texans fans go wild for their team.

"The atmosphere is amazing with all the energy from the fans."

Food inside and out

If you are planning to tailgate at a game, or maybe make friends at someone else’s tailgate, the Blue Lot outside of NRG Stadium is the place to go. If you would rather wait and eat inside the vast majority of fans suggested stopping by Killen’s Barbecue, where the most popular item is the BBQ baked potato.

"I’ve tailgated with people that invite you in while you walk around."

Finding the right seat

NRG Stadium has a ton of seating sections and levels, and for a first-time visitor this can be a bit overwhelming. The sightlines are great throughout according to fans, but of course the 100-level is going to offer the best views. Many fans said the loudest fans are up in the 600-level, so there are certainly pros and cons to each section.

"There isn’t a bad seat in NRG. I’ve watched games from the 100 Level, 200 Suites, and the 600 nosebleeds."

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