Yes, the Good Guys do indeed Wear Black. Especially when their ticket prices for most season holders drop. Yay for Chi-town!

Seriously, though, if you happen to like your Major League baseball and prefer the south side of the Windy City, you will hath save dollars in your quest for the almighty home run. Word has been released that seat prices, depending on locations within U.S. Cellular Field, have been reduced by as little as 2% and as much as 18%. However, premium lower box and club level seats will remain unchanged.

Why the Change?

Everything’s hush-hush at the moment, and to be honest no one really knows why given that the Team Marketing Report listed the Sox as the fourth highest average ticket price in the Major Leagues. You’re looking at a little over two twenty-dollar bills for a single ticket, on average.

Experts, though, can attest the change due to the economy. 2011 saw only 2,001,117 fans show up for games compared to the all-time record of 2,957,414 fans in 2006. It’s really a possibility! But who knows.

Does This Mean Less Money for Our Good Guys in Black?

Most definitely. Will it be a bad thing? Very possibly.

The sad thing is we might see our team losing star player Mark Buehrle as a free agent. That would cripple the team. With a $14 million salary, it’s pretty much a sure thing. We could also see a complete revamp of the team gearing toward younger players. But we all know what that could mean for any team — nothing but downhill expectations. Poor Sox.

There Is a Plan in Place

Not that management’s sitting around on their humps doing nothing. They’re taking an active approach to stirring interest in the Chicago crowd to enter U.S. Cellular Field for a little White Sox action.

The latest details on a pricing plan is simply this: the earlier you purchase, the better the deal. It’s sort of like airline pricing. In addition, depending on the opposing ball clubs, prices might be higher or lower. For instance, Cubs or Yankees facing the Sox might opt for a heftier price tag. And maybe a little game with the Diamondbacks or Astros would be somewhat lower.

Rest Assured, Sox Fans

The Good Guys still Wear Black, and you can still enjoy a good ballgame. Just at a lower ticket price. And that’s not necessarily a bad thing, especially for your checkbook.