Yes, indeed — Lady Gaga’s gaga over Google. And, man, that’s a mouthful of g’s. All joking aside, it turns out that the latest news on the outrageous and groundbreaking music star has just recently jumped onto the Google+ bandwagon. And not a moment too soon.

You’d be a fool not to see it coming given that Gaga’s probably one of the most popular Facebook and Twitter users out there. Still, she fell behind on the Google+ department compared to when Google+ became available to the whole public.

She’s currently at 10,000 followers. Not too shabby for only logging a new account last week. What do you expect? The “Paparazzi” and “Born This Way” superstar’s pretty big these days. Total number of cyber-fans out there — combining her Facebook page and Twitter account — is around the 46.5 million mark.

Still, not only did she fall behind on signing up for Google+ at a good time, she fell behind many artists out there that have had accounts for quite awhile — such as Britney Spears Snoop Dogg.

Oh, yes, those two have Google+ accounts! Seriously. I’m not joking.

Now it’s only a matter of time before the avant-garde music artist climbs up to the top of the recommendations with her new-found Google+ account, already posting updates as we speak.

We simply have to wait for Katy Perry and Justin Bieber to get on the bandwagon now. They don’t have Google+. Losers.