Allison Williams, known for her role as Marnie on HBO’s Girls, has been selected as the lead for NBC’s upcoming live musical production of Peter Pan. The actor portraying the show’s villain–Captain Hook, of course–has been public for a couple of weeks; long-time actor and all-around showman Christopher Walken will lead the Jolly Roger and crew in pursuit of Williams as Pan and the Lost Boys. Williams, who’s made quite a name for herself in comedy and music beyond the mainstream and critical success of Girls, is sure to bring new life to the role as a fresh face on network television with the talent and performing chops necessary to help make the unique live show a success.

Peter Pan Live! Showtime

NBC will broadcast this latest incarnation of a live Peter Pan musical experience this winter on December 4. While the network’s latest trend for live musical broadcasts started last year with Carrie Underwood in The Sound of Music, Peter Pan has actually been broadcast live twice before back in 1955 and ’56. A modern spin that’s nearly 60 years in the making with a cast this talented is sure to draw plenty of viewers, all young at heart.

Videos for Cast of Peter Pan Live! on NBC

Allison Williams Singing “Stronger” on Girls

Christopher Walken Dancing in “Weapon of Choice”

Carrie Underwood in The Sound of Music Live