The 54th AutoZone Liberty Bowl is looking to change the way tickets are bought and sold for the college football event. Its new initiative, in partnership with Forward Market Media, grants fans the opportunity to buy a “TeamTix” ticket reservation well ahead of December’s team selection, ensuring their right to purchase a face-value ticket to the Bowl should their team get a berth.

If a diehard’s school fails to make the cut, the reservation will expire. Although the fan won’t get his or her money back, many would argue the loss is a small, if literal, price to pay for the chance to snag a face-value ticket – one that hasn’t been marked up on the secondary market.

“Nothing’s more frustrating than going to a website, and the office has been open for five minutes, and you’re told [tickets] are sold out,” says Forward Market Media CEO Scott McKibben. On the secondary market, he says, you can end up paying five, six times face-value. “We give a fan in Madison, WI, an opportunity to buy a face-value ticket.”

Interestingly, the setup of FFM’s new program looks a lot like the market to which it’s providing an alternative. Fans will be able to resell their ticket reservations in AutoZone’s “hostedSnapshot from the 2010 AutoZone Liberty Bowl. market exchange,” where – as in its real-world counterpart – supply and demand rule. Depending on a given team’s performance and popular demand, TeamTix prices will rise or fall accordingly.

The difference lies in the driver’s seat: In the AutoZone Liberty Bowl scenario, it’s the fans who are running the market, gaining access to affordable, and advanced, face-value tickets. The model is “more consumer-friendly in the sense that [fans] have a chance they wouldn’t have had before,” says McKibben.

For your chance to buy a TeamTix reservation and participate in Forward Market Media and The Liberty Bowl’s new consumer-driven ticketing venture, check out the AutoZone Liberty Bowl’s website here.