Had your fill of jazz and food? Walked through all of Hyde Park, checked out Wrigley Field, and are unimpressed with the size of the Sears Tower? We know what you want… booze! It’s fun, relatively cheap compared to other tourist attractions, and gets more and more entertaining the more you partake. See if you’re (wo)man enough to handle all of the crazy cocktails we’ve highlighted below – we promise, they’re delicious.

Best Chicago Cocktails

11 A.M. Sunday 54 E. 1st ST.
Everybody loves a good Bloody Mary. No? OK, well I happen to be obsessed with this meal-in-a-glass, champion of all boozy breakfast drinks. The key to a great Bloody Mary lies less in how much booze you put in it, and more in how much “other stuff” you add. “Other stuff” being celery, horse radish, olives – or, if you’re dining over at Lula Cafe on N. Kedzie Blvd., smoked oysters and caper brine. Delicious, filling, and only $8!

1871 Manhattan
You don’t have to be in Manhattan to enjoy all the wonderment from the city that never sleeps. Head to NoMi on N. Michigan Ave. to sample their famous rye 1871 Manhattan, made with Laphroaig Scotch. Of course, having the best does come with a price – $15, to be exact. But at least you know it’ll get you drunk.

Transfinite Induction
In math terms, a transfinite induction means an extension of mathematical induction to well-ordered sets, like ordinal or cardinal numbers. In booze terms, a transfinite induction means a blend of brandy, rum, bitters, and some other stuff. Luckily, you can leave the details to the friendly bartenders of Sable Kitchen & Bar, and just focus on downing this delicious drink. $13 a pop, located at 505 N. State St.

Wood-Burning Stove
Brrr, it sure does get cold here in the Windy City. So why not make a trip to Weegee’s Lounge on W. Armitage Ave., and try this boozy concoction, whose taste lives up to its name. Filled with New Holland amber rum, Koval ginger liqueur, almond syrup, and – wait for it – sprinkled with nutmeg. It’s like Christmas in a glass, if Christmas cost only $12.

Blood of Dillinger
Just kidding, it’s not really blood, it’s beet juice! Made with tequila, beet juice and rosemary syrup, this $14 number, available at Bernard’s Bar, proves you can drink and still be healthy. Because everybody knows tequila is good for you and never leads to any physical or mental harm.

Drinking and smoking go together like rice and beans, peas and pods, or Bobby and Whitney (may she rest in peace). So why not combine the two? The Weston, a $12 drink available at Boka on N. Halsted St., does just that. With a combination of Four Roses Bourbon, strong coffee syrup and pipe tobacco, this drink brings out the badass in all of us.