Cirque du Soleil might have started as a hip circus for adult audiences in Montreal, but its massive worldwide growth has opened up the legendary big top production to just about everybody: including children.

This is a godsend for parents who need to keep their kids entertained while making the price of admission worth it. Whenever there isn’t a new Pixar movie to play to both age groups, a Cirque show will happily step in to fill that all-ages gap. Some things never stop being dazzling no matter how old you are, and the stunts, sets and costuming of Cirque’s many productions are sure to wow everyone.

Short on time? (You’re a parent–of course you are.) We’ve compiled a list of our favorite kid-friendly Cirque shows. Check ’em out below!


Mystere is the perfect entry point for Cirque. It’s a classic circus, showcasing breathtaking stunts and acrobatics to a high-energy soundtrack. It’s currently in residence at Treasure Island in Las Vegas. This is an all-ages show. Shop Mystere Tickets


Ka is a level-up and fittingly only allows children over the age of 5. The blend of martial arts, acrobatics and pyrotechnic displays tells the story of tribes at war with incredible technical sets. Shop Ka Tickets


O is a throwback celebration of the history of theater. Everything from opera to synchronized swimmers gets a moment to shine in this aquatic performance for attendees 5 and up. Shop O Tickets.


Luzia is a recent addition to the Cirque stable, bringing a stunning, surreal trip through the Mexican desert to all ages. Shop Luzia Tickets


OVO takes audiences into the world of insects, plunging children (of all ages) and adults alike in a joyous take on the “hidden universe alive at our feet.” Expect tumblers, dancers and acrobats beautifully disguised as all kinds of creepy crawlers. Shop Ovo Tickets

(Cropped image courtesy of TBWABusted via Flickr | CC BY 2.0))