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Whether you’re looking for high-octane, stunt-fueled spectacles, sensual Sin City stage shows or a circus set to your favorite songs, Cirque du Soleil has a Vegas offering for that.

Take a look at our picks for the best Cirque shows performing in Las Vegas right now. Check ’em out below.


The individual actions of Cirque performers frequently leave audiences wondering how they pulled it off. KA takes that sense of bewilderment and expands it to every facet of the production. The intense, combat-fueled piece follows tribes at war, shifting perspective quite literally as land and sky swap places mid-battle. The stage shifts around the performers as they are tangled up in chaotic fights that defy and otherwise bend physics. SHOP KA TICKETS


Vegas’ latest addition seems to have the EDM music that fuels so much of the city’s nightlife in its veins. Expect motorcycle chases, martial arts and the mob in this pulse-pounding and modern circus. SHOP RUN TICKETS


The grace of Cirque’s acrobats is accentuated in this surreal, aquatic show. Across pools and elaborate rigs, cirque performers float and twist in a beautiful set that explores the concept of infinity. SHOP O TICKETS

Michael Jackson ONE

The King of Pop’s songs are so inescapable and energetic that they often feel like living things, separate from their own creation. Cirque understands this, turning each track into its own miniature world. The edges of ONE blaze with intense light shows befitting of the most engaging performer the world has ever seen. SHOP MICHAEL JACKSON ONE TICKETS


Mystere is Cirque classic, a playful and funny circus that is as likely to draw laughs as gasps. The colorful show asks the question “What if the clowns and the acrobats were one in the same?” SHOP MYSTERE TICKETS

The Beatles LOVE

MJ doesn’t have a monopoly on Cirque’s jukebox shows. The Fab Four’s kaleidoscopic circus music of their later years is a perfect fit for the unhinged Big Top-style show that Cirque loves to throw. SHOP THE BEATLES: LOVE TICKETS


Leave the kids at home and take in a night of seduction as a series of lovers explore in acrobatic and titillating ways. Cirque goes well beyond your typical burlesque as stars are suspended from chains, swing from hoops and put on the most exquisitely choreographed chair dance you’ll ever see. SHOP ZUMANITY TICKETS

(Image courtesy of Marco Verch via Flickr. | CC BY 2.0)