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Cirque du Soleil truly has something for everyone, and luckily you don’t need to live in New York or Las Vegas to catch a show live anymore. The long-running circus has several productions touring nationally at any given time, meaning one can even be choosy when deciding which show to attend.

For the discerning fan (we see you!), we’ve pulled out the five best traveling Cirque shows currently on tour. Check ’em out below!


Amaluna is for people who prefer their entertainment a bit more plot-driven. While there are plenty of aerial stunts on offer, Amaluna centers around the story of a troubled romance between an island goddess and a mortal man who washes up on the shore. The show is running in Oaks, PA until the end of August and moving to Winnipeg to run through September and October. SHOP TICKETS


Alegria has been one of Cirque’s top-line shows for quite a while now, and the re-imagined take that’s currently touring is perfect for first-timers and old hats alike. The show is perhaps Cirque’s most-balanced touring act, providing for fans of costuming and design, acrobats and clowns across this upbeat classic. Alegria runs in cities throughout Canada from now until early December. After that, it will ring in the new year away from the cold in Miami. SHOP TICKETS


Axel is easily the most aesthetic of all of the Cirque shows, coming across a bit like if Akira had the foresight to set itself entirely on ice. You read that right: Cirque’s performers decided their jobs weren’t hard enough and strapped knives to their feet so they could pull off the same stunts in a rink. Axel is hitting too many cities to count, making it one of the most accessible shows in the whole lineup. SHOP TICKETS


Luzia is the perfect option for someone who can’t stop watching Coco on Netflix. Set against the same sort of mystical Mexican backdrop, this desert circus follows armadillos, luchadores and colorful bird-people wowing audiences to the strains of traditional Latin music. The show is currently on this side of the Atlantic, closing out the year with shows in Calgary and Vancouver. Catch them before they head out on a European tour. SHOP TICKETS


If you prefer your circus closer to the Nuclear Cowboys than the traditional big top, Volta is the show for you. This high-energy take on Cirque’s typical stunt work includes set pieces that are a bit more jaw-dropping than the average, and a full on BMX stunt show. Volta‘s crowd-pleasing reputation allows it to set up just about anywhere successfully, and it runs from now until next April with shows in Atlanta, Washington, DC, Los Angeles and Costa Mesa. SHOP TICKETS

(Cropped image courtesy of TBWABusted via Flickr | CC BY 2.0))