Even after the hip-hop musical Hamilton converted millions of Americans into theater lovers, we all still know a person or two who “don’t like” plays. And if you’re only experience with theater was seeing Oliver in fifth grade, I don’t blame you! Here are five shows playing now to help convert the skeptic in your life.

The Book of Mormon

Across the US // Ongoing

Irreverence reigns in this acclaimed musical from 2011 about two young Mormons on a mission in Uganda. By the creators of South Park and the composer behind Avenue Q, the scandalous vulgarity of the content will leave your theatre-skeptic wondering how in the world it won the Tony for Best Musical. Just hold your breath when they find out what “Hasa Diga Eebowai” means. Shop Tickets


Meteor Shower

New York, NY // Through January 21

Written by the legendary Steve Martin, this play is a hail of wit bombs (meteorites?) aimed at exposing the self-important culture of California’s elite. Watch stand up queen Amy Schumer headline with Key and Peele’s Keegan Michael Key in the sidecar. Directed by theatre legend Jerry Zaks (The House of Blue Leaves, Guys and Dolls), the show might be funny, but the production quality is no-joke. Shop Tickets

Jersey Boys

Across the US // Ongoing

The story of Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons in lightning speed. Not only does it have music your skeptic will know and love (Sheeeerrryyyyyy…), it moves at a music video pace through a collage of Valli’s triumphs and tribulations. Co-authored by Marshall Brickman (Annie Hall), the dialogue is as inventive and on-point as the leads’ buttery voices. Shop Tickets


Chicago, IL // Through January 28

This first play from Chicago poet and co-host of The Poetry Gods podcast, Aziza Barnes, is about four young black women coming of age in New York City. The show features adult themes like sexual violence and police brutality, so be advised that it’s only for viewers 18 and up, but – at Chicago’s legendary Steppenwolf Theatre Company – those challenging subjects could not be in better hands. Shatter all the expectations your skeptic has about the “stuffy” and “archaic” theatre with a play that is wholly of the moment. Shop Tickets