Already in the midst of the first leg of his 2014 North American tour, comedian Brian Regan has just announced dates that span the summer through the winter. After finishing his first leg’s shows in the Northeast and the Midwest in April and May, Brian will kick off round two in Coral Springs, FL, on June 19. After a few more shows in the sunshine state, Brian will move on to the Midwest and parts of Canada, including Calgary on August 15 and Winnipeg on August 17. He’ll start off September performing in Billings, MT, and then do a few shows in the Pacific Northwest, before traveling back across the continent and returning to the Northeast with shows in Niagara Falls and Atlantic City.

After that it’s onto Indiana and Illinois, before he cracks them up at the Orpheum Theatre in Memphis on October 23. Regan will then bounce around the Midwest, with occasional stops in Pennsylvania, Virginia, and brief runs through Texas and Oklahoma. He’ll close out the year at the Murat Theatre in Indianapolis on December 14. A mainstay in the American comedy scene since the mid-90s, Brian Regan is known for his observational and sarcastic humor, as well as his preference for “clean comedy” (jokes that aren’t reliant on profanity or crude subject matter). He’s released five comedy albums throughout his career.

Video of Brian Regan Performing His UPS Bit

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