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The Book of Mormon is still the most expensive show you can see. But, when can I see it for the best price?

I want to see Wicked. But what day is the best to see it?

I’d better try and see Billy Elliot on the weekday because it’ll be the best price. Wait, how can I be so sure?

We all at SeatGeek had these questions about Broadway ticket prices. Using our data from the secondary ticket market, we decided to explore the landscape of Broadway ticket prices in NYC to help customers can find the best days to see their favorite shows. By taking the top-10 best selling Broadway performances and measuring average ticket prices at a variety of points (date, venue, time), here’s what we found.

For starters, I couldn’t really believe that the majority of the popular Broadway shows were more affordable on the weekends, than the weekday*.

All shows, with exception to Spider-Man and Memphis, are better to see over the weekend than the weekday. Some of the differences between a weekday and weekend show are quite significance. For example, you can save over $50/ticket if you see Billy Elliot or Mary Poppins on a Saturday evening versus a Tuesday evening (single-gentlemen…are you listening!). On average, you can save over $20 on weekend shows in comparison to weekday shows.

We also took a closer look at The Book of Mormon average ticket prices to see if there was any particular day it would more affordable to see. I was surprised to see the price fluctuate by over $100 throughout the week. For example, if you’re deciding whether to go on Tuesday or Wednesday, I would suggest the 7pm Wednesday show.

The Book of Mormon Average Ticket Price By Date

If you want to see critically acclaimed shows that won’t break your bank, we suggest checking out Wicked on the weekend, Mary Poppins on the weekend, as well as Chicago (either weekend or weekday).

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*Weekday ticket prices is data composed of shows on Tuesday, whereas weekend prices depict Saturday evening shows.