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When four friends find themselves struggling to make sense of their friend Robbie’s mysterious death, they’ll find that tragedy shapes them all in different ways. A poignant and honest look into their profound and sometimes volatile relationships, Burn/This explores what happens when tragedy forces us to reconsider our own lives.

Broadway buffs may remember the original Lanford Wilson version of this play, stylized as Burn This, which first debuted in 1987. Staying true to the source material, at the forefront of the 2019 production is a deeply emotional and complicated love story between Anna (Keri Russell) and Pale (Adam Driver). Anna emerges as an independent, self-confident woman–finally leaving her loveless partnership for good. Her new experiences breathe life into her tired existence, pushing her to take chances and chase her dreams. She arises from her shadow a changed woman, ready to take on the world. But Burn/This isn’t your average fairytale, and Anna isn’t your average leading lady.

Anna finds herself in the arms of Robbie’s brother Pale (Adam Driver), and their fiery passion is something neither of them can ignore. Through ups and downs the four friends move through their troubles, bringing audiences along for this bold love story. This one of a kind drama is like nothing that’s ever graced the Hudson Theatre stage–find out how you can see it live before it’s too late.

Burn/This Tickets & Show Schedule

Tickets to Burn/This are available on SeatGeek, with prices starting at around $125 for the majority of upcoming performances. You can find the next 20 shows listed below, or click here to view the schedule + tickets in their entirety. Use code BROADWAY20 at checkout to save $20 off your purchase of $100 or more.


March 15, 2019

Opening Night

April 16, 2019

Final Performance

Burn/This is a limited engagement and its last Broadway performance is July 14, 2019

Burn/This Venue & Seating Chart

Burn/This is being performed at the Hudson Theatre. The venue was built in 1903 and holds up to 970 attendees. It’s located at 145 West 44th Street in New York, NY.

Hudson Theatre Seating Chart

Burn/This Cast

Role… Actor
Pale…​ Adam Driver
Anna…​ Keri Russell
Burton…​ David Furr
Larry…​ Brandon Uranowitz