Who says you can’t put a price on self-expression? While the Burning Man Festival may boast “no rules” when it comes to personal behavior (emphasis on personal: make sure your expression of self doesn’t harm others’ selves), its freedom comes at a cost. This year, the week-long event will stand out in ways more commercial than cultural: by selling some of the world’s most expensive tickets. Ever. The $1,100,005 (yes, one-million-one-hundred-thousand-and-five-dollar) tickets may set you and your family back your collective life savings, but it will also guarantee you a spot (piece of the playa?) in Black Rock City, NV, come this August.

Which got us thinking: What other shows in recent memory have stretched fans’ loyalty by squeezing their wallets? A look at some of the more fiscally fatal events below.


This isn’t the first time a show’s high prices have grabbed our attention. Last year, Sting donned the mantle of Priciest NYC Performer, with tickets to his concerts going for an average $1,073.83. At almost $300 more than next most-expensive artist Rod Stewart, we’re sure a few fans were forced to put on their own (infinitely less appealing) red lights, contenting themselves to a night-in with Spotify instead.

Barbra Streisand

For Babs, being a mammoth music-industry success naturally correlates with mammoth ticket prices. Ms. Streisand commanded $1,530 for front-row seats to her concerts in Sydney and Melbourne back in 2010. We would make a crack about this Funny Girl laughing all the way to the bank, but we’ll leave the showiness to the performer… and her custom white microphones.

Hannah Montana

Back before Miley Cyrus grew into a mature, legal adult – replete with full voting rights and a fiancee – she was charming tweens as Hannah Montana, coaxing $3,050 from their parents at a 2008 concert. Not a bad way to build a nest egg.

Led Zeppelin

Although well below Burning Man’s million-dollar entrance fee, the rock legend’s $164,929 price tag for a 2008 UK show is still a close second for priciest tickets we’ve seen. To be fair, the combined cost not only covered two tickets, but were auctioned off for charity as well. They may not have sponsored the most expensive event, but Led Zeppelin gets our vote for most justifiably exorbitant show.