Much like the travel industry a few years back, the sports and music ticket industry is evolving at a rapid pace.  However, few people know what the term ‘secondary ticket market‘ means, even though many use this market often at sites like StubHub.  Furthermore, for novices that search with queries similar to “buying sports tickets” they get a list of online sites where they can buy tickets, but no articles on what these actually are and how they relate to more traditional options.  Many searchers  struggle with how to find discount tickets or sold out tickets (depending on their personal ticket purchasing goals).  With these issues in mind, ‘Buying Sports and Concert Tickets: The Expert Series’ was born to fill a gap in educating users about buying in both the primary and secondary ticket markets.

Why the ‘Buying Tickets’ series?

  • There is little content on purchasing tickets that discusses all major options, especially from industry experts
  • At SeatGeek we have expertise on sports and music tickets – we live the industry everyday – and wanted to share our knowledge
  • We are passionate about sports and music, and want to make it as easy as possible to search, find, and buy tickets
  • We are personally invested in the ticketing industry, and strongly believe in the power of web based services to help users save money and time when buying tickets
  • We hope to educate newcomers and refine the purchasing habits of regular buyers

The ‘Sports and Concert Tickets’ series schedule:

  • The series will kick off early next week
  • There will be 6 total posts that cover a full range of ticket buying topics
  • Posts will be spaced out every 2-3 days (as quick as we can get input from everyone at SeatGeek)
  • Posts will feature expert thoughts and advice from the SeatGeek founders Jack Groetzinger and Russ D’Souza

The Topics:

  • Buying Sports and Concert Tickets 101
  • Get Great Tickets at the Best Prices: Advanced Ticket Buying
  • 5 Tips for Buying Sold Out Tickets
  • Stop Losing Money: 5 Tips for Buying Cheap Tickets
  • Buying Tickets on SeatGeek: The Buyers Guide
  • Timing Your Ticket Buying: 5 Trends in MLB Ticket Prices

We look forward to sharing this ticket buying series.  In the meantime, check out SeatGeek for your sports and concert ticket needs or reach out to SeatGeek on Twitter if you have any questions or comments – we respond in a timely manner!


Buying Sports and Concert Tickets: The Expert Series (Part II)

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