While baseball fans are busy trying to score World Series tickets, three national league teams decided it’s the perfect time to talk about next season ticket prices. The Brewers, Rockies, and Cubs announced ticket price increase. Below is an overview of the changes you might expect.


The Brewers have announced an 8.6 percent ticket price increase to $24.01. With the increase comes a new three games categories; Blue, Gold, and Marquee. In the 2012 season, the Brew Crew will play fifty-six Blue games. These tickets will be se an increase of $1-$2. There will be 12 Gold games, which will be increased $1-$6. The third tier will be Marquees, which includes Opening Day, nine games against Chicago Cubs, and Three Minnesota Twins games. These games will not see an increase in prices.


The Colorado Rockies recently announced that they were also going to increase ticket prices. This increase is the first in four years. Seats located in the lower reserve outfield area will see an 8 percent increase, which brings new ticket prices to $12 dollars per game. Club level infield seats will increase to $41 per game from $38.

There is some good news for Rockies fans. The team is offering current ticket holders the option to purchase season tickets at last year’s rate. Fans who make a deposit by December 6th will be given the options to receive 20 complimentary tickets for games in April-May or 10 complimentary tickets in June-September.

The Rockies announcement may not sit well with fans due to their losing season. This season, the Rockies finished one spot out of last place with a record of 72-89.


Cub fans have a lot to look forward to this up coming season. Theo Epstein, the man responsible for the first Red Sox championship since 1918, will try to bring a championship to the windy city. The upcoming season will also bring something a little less exciting for some fans; higher ticket prices.

The Chicago Cubs who already rank third in average ticket price, will increase their ticket prices once again. According to their website individual ticket buyers will be paying $1-$2 more for tickets than season ticket holders. Those looking to enjoy Cubs fans will be paying $78 for better bleacher seats. When compared to last season, fans are paying $6 for the same seat. If you are looking to save on Cubs ticket you can purchase a season ticket, which will cost you $3,196 for all the home games, or you can purchase them here, where you will always find the best deal.