The Lonestar state definitely has the deals — at least on the ice.

What does that mean? Can you say N-H-L?

Statistics have come out regarding ticket prices that the Dallas Stars, Texas’s ice hockey team, have the cheapest average of all the NHL teams. The price you’re looking at is $29.95 on average for a general seat. Definitely not a bad price, easy on the checkbook.

In addition, the Stars have the lowest Fan Cost Index at $223.78, which includes typically four average-price tickets, four small soft drinks, four regular hot dogs, two adult-sized caps, two programs, parking, and two small draft beers.

However, premium tickets aren’t too bad for the Stars as they sit currently at $94.38 per ticket, ranking in 26th out of the 30 NHL teams.

To give you a pretty big picture of the deals that exist for the Stars, know this: the highest ticket price currently goes to Toronto and their Maple Leafs! At $123.77 per general seat. The Fan Cost Index also ranks at the highest for the Leafs with a staggering $626.45.

That basically means if you want to spend a ton of money for a night of ice hockey, go to Canada.

For an average look overall for all the teams, general tickets hit about $57.10 with an average Fan Cost Index of $326.45. That’s the average. Pretty big difference compared to the Dallas Stars.

No one can really say for certain why it’s cheaper all around for Texas to enjoy some good ice hockey except for the fact that maybe some people over there simply just don’t like the sport. Maybe they prefer rodeos and even football. Who knows.

But it certainly means some good ol’ fashioned sports fun — just happens to be on ice and with a puck. Same thing!