Every night there are hundreds of events going on in New York.  New Yorkers might be peripherally aware of the Katy Perry show at the Garden, or of the Yankees’ homestand in the Bronx, but what about the scores of smaller events going on in the city each and every day?

If New Yorkers struggle to find these events, then the millions of tourists who come to New York would seemingly have no chance to discover them either. As a ticketing site, we’re constantly mulling over these issues–but we discovered that we weren’t the only ones aware of this problem.

New York City-based Bloomberg Philanthropies launched its Arts Advancement Initiative in early 2011 to provide funding to small and mid-sized performing arts organizations in New York.  With a shared interest in supporting some of New York’s finest performing arts organizations, the two of us recently put our heads together to come up with an innovative way to help these organizations develop sustainable business models.

The result? The Discover New York Arts (DNyA) Project.

At its core, DNyA surfaces upcoming events from 30+ performing arts organizations through SeatGeek’s award winning ticket platform.  On our Discover New York Arts Project page (https://seatgeek.com/theater-tickets you’ll see hundreds of events from a multitude of performers.  Users can easily explore these small organizations by going to a dedicated page for each group.  Organizations provide SeatGeek a feed of events, social media links, performance photos and all other relevant data a user would need in order to buy tickets.  SeatGeek’s backend technology consumes these disparate data sources and populates a clean page for each organization, optimized for ticket sales and updated daily with new events.

We’re thrilled to use our technology to help non-profit organizations and look forward to rolling this model out to other cities in the future. In the meantime, click here to view all DNyA event listings on SeatGeek.com today!

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