While folks have been staying home to protect the health of their communities, there’s been an indefinite pause on live concerts– a tough pill to swallow for performers and fans alike. But, this has allowed many artists the opportunity to get a little creative; some have taken to hosting “drive-in concerts,” with fans attending the show in their cars, a throwback to drive-in movies of yesteryear.

Mads Langer in Aarhus, Denmark was one of the first to perform a drive-in concert during the pandemic, on April 24:


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We did it ❤️🎶

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Keith Urban also recently hosted a drive-in concert, and this video he posted gives a great feel for the experience:

We expect many more artists to announce similar shows in the coming weeks, as a way of connecting with fans while maintaining social distance and keeping everyone safe. You may have already seen some of your favorite artists announcing drive-ins on Twitter or Instagram. Here are a few happening soon to look out for:

Drive in Concerts in June 2020

Date Location Artist
June 4 Arlington, Texas Eli Young Band
June 4 Hoover, Alabama Black Jacket Symphony
June 5 Arlington, Texas Whiskey Myers
June 6 Arlington, Texas Pat Green
June 7 Arlington, Texas Josh Abbott Band & Kevin Fowler
June 9 Baltimore, Maryland Marc Rebillet
June 10 Baltimore, Maryland Marc Rebillet
June 11 Charlotte, North Carolina Marc Rebillet
June 11 Hoover, Alabama Black Jacket Symphony
June 13 Shinnston, West Virgina The Davisson Brothers Band
June 16 Indianapolis, Indiana Marc Rebillet
June 18 Kansas City, Missouri Marc Rebillet
June 18 Hoover, Alabama Black Jack Symphony
June 22 Fort Collins, Colorado Marc Rebillet
June 23 Fort Collins, Colorado Marc Rebillet
June 25 Hoover, Alabama Black Jacket Symphony
June 26 Fort Worth, Texas Marc Rebillet
June 27 Fort Worth, Texas Marc Rebillet
June 28 Houston, Texas Marc Rebillet

More details on each of these shows can be found below:

June 4-7 in Arlington, Texas

Eli Young Band will kick off the “Concert in Your Car” series at Globe Life Field in Arlington, Texas. Globe Life Field is hosting 3 more artists on subsequent nights:

  • June 5 – Whiskey Myers
  • June 6 – Pat Green
  • June 7 – Josh Abbott Band & Kevin Fowler

Each artist will play two sets, at 5pm and 9pm. The entire concert series sold out within a matter of hours but information on tickets can be found

June 4-25 in Hoover, Alabama

Black Jacket Symphony will host 4 drive in concerts at the Hoover Met Complex in Hoover, Alabama as part of their “Concerts From the Car” series. The band will focus on a different cover album for each of the 4 dates, as seen below:

  • June 4 – The Beatles’ “Abbey Road”
  • June 11 – Queen’s “A Night at the Opera”
  • June 18 – Jouney’s “Escape”
  • June 25 – Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers’ “Damn the Torpedoes”

You can buy tickets on Blue Jacket Symphony’s website or visit their FAQ page for more information about the concert series.

June 9-25 in various cities

In what is arguably the first real drive-in concert “tour”, electronic musician Marc Rebillet will set out to play eight cities in June, kicking off with back-to-back nights in Baltimore, Maryland on June 9-10, then passing through:

  • June 11 – Charlotte, N.C.
  • June 16 – Indianapolis, Ind.
  • Thu, June 18 – Kansas City, Miss.
  • Thu, June 20 – Tulsa, Okla.
  • Thu, June 22+23 – Fort Collins, Colo.
  • Thu, June 26+27 – Forth Worth, TX.
  • Thu, June 28 – Houston, TX.

Tickets for Rebillet’s “Drive In Tour” can be purchased here.

June 13 in Shinnston, West Virginia

The Davisson Brothers Band will play a drive in concert at the Sunset Drive-In Theater in Meadowbrook, W.V. Tickets are $80 per car and can be purchased here.

Those are just a few shows we’ve heard about for now, but we’ll post updates as we hear more!