Father’s Day Gifts from Kids

1. A Tie
Nothing says “classic Father’s Day gift from child” like a nice, crisp tie. Found everywhere – from cheap department stores to expensive boutiques – this gift is not only practical but stylish.

father's day idea: ties

2. Framed Picture
Have your child take a picture with Dad and have it printed out at your local CVS. Your child can either buy or create a frame (using popsicle sticks) for a personalized family photo.

3. Bake Cookies
Teach your child how to bake cookies for a sweet Father’s Day treat! Not only will you get some quality time in the kitchen with the little one, but you can wrap the final product up in a nice tin with a bow for a perfect gift.

4. Get Crafty in the Kitchen
Does your dad spend a lot of time in the kitchen? Buy a cheap white or black apron at any department store, along with a couple bottles of puff paint and acrylic paint. Have your child decorate the apron with “Happy Father’s Day” messages, or even their handprint. It’ll be even funnier to look back on when they’re in their 20s.

5. I.O.U. Coupons
Ah, the oldest trick in the child gift giving book. Help your kid cut out rectangular pieces of construction paper on which they can write their “I Owe You…” coupons. Free hugs, kisses, or chores, able to be cashed in whenever Dad wants.

Cheap Father’s Day Gifts

1. Homemade Card With Scratch Tickets
Not only does homemade card speak to the heart, but it also costs a lot less. Plus, even though you only spent $3 on dollar scratch offs from your local deli, your dad might end up winning thousands. Which he will inevitably put toward your college fund. It’s a win/win.

father's day gift idea: scratch tickets2. A Free Meal
My dad was always the one doing the cooking when I was growing up, and nothing pleased him more than coming home from work with a warm meal on the table. Even if your father isn’t the chef of the house, you can still make him happy by whipping up his favorite comfort food this Father’s Day. (And helping with the clean up after!)

3. Clean His Car
Does your dad have a car? It’s likely that he’s spent most of your adolescence driving you around in it, so the least you could do is clean the darn thing for him. Just grab some regular cleaning supplies from around your house and an old rag, and get to detailing.

4. New Music
Whether your father is a music aficionado, or doesn’t even know who Justin Bieber is, making him a playlist filled with your favorite artists is a perfect Father’s Day gift. Not only will he have the chance to dig on some new tunes, but he’ll also be in touch with what “the kids” are listening to these days.

5. A Book
You know, with pages? Long before iPads and Kindles, your father was reading paperbacks and hardcovers of Stephen King and Dean Koontz. Go to half.com for an extremely cheap – and wide – selection of novels both new and old.

Best Father’s Day Gifts

1. Tickets
Is your dad into live music, sporting events or comedians? Pick him up a pair of tickets for a night of fun and some child-father bonding (we swear we have no bias). Click here for more info on events happening this weekend.

father's day ideas: whisky2. Booze
A bottle of whisky, a six-pack of his favorite craft beer – your dad will surely appreciate the gesture. And maybe he’ll even share!

3. Electronics
iPhones, digital cameras, tablets and more – it’s a proven fact that dads love tinkering with electronics. Amazon.com has plenty of Father’s Day-centric gifts at a reduced cost, including the Kindlefire HD which is currently available for $199.

4. Gift Certificate
Head over to your dad’s favorite store (who are we kidding, it’s obviously Home Depot) and get him a gift card for him to spend completely on himself. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, right?

5. Tools
If your father is the handyman type, he’ll surely appreciate a new drill, or tool box, or whatever seems to be missing from his musty old garage. Amazon.com has a myriad of tools – both outdoor and indoor – available on their website specifically for the upcoming holiday.

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