Everybody loves an excuse to party, and what better excuse than our country’s day of birth? You don’t need to be a millionaire to throw a stand-out bash, just a little bit of creativity. Check out our list below of some unique and fun party ideas to help you throw the best Fourth of July party ever!

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A good party should start before the guests actually arrive. So instead of sending a boring text message or email to each person on your guest list, craft out some unique invitations and have them delivered by snail mail instead. If pressed for time, there are some inspirational e-cards available online.

Turn your party into a place any American would be proud of! Try hanging red, white and blue streamers and ribbons from the ceilings, or sprinkling balloons around the venue. Get color-specific napkins and plastic cutlery for the table. Build a patriotic tablescape and festive centerpiece. Finally, when the sun comes down, light up those red, white and blue candles and sparklers.

Create a 4th of July Trivia game to test which one of your guests knows Uncle Sam the best. Revive the old Horse Shoes, Croquet and Cornhole sets from storage. These activities are sure to inspire laughter and some friendly competition among your guests.

Live Music
Know someone who is in a band, or better yet – are you musically talented yourself? Why not add some live music to your party! There’s nothing quite like singing and dancing along to your favorite American tunes to commemorate this grand occasion.

Challenge your guests to see who can bring the most unique and creative 4th of July-inspired dish. Brainstorm some desirable prizes for the winners – this will give everyone some extra incentive and really get their creative juices flowing.