We know it can get pretty difficult trying to come up with ways to entertain your kids all the time. With the constant use of television and cellphones, isn’t it time to change your activities up in the new year? No worries! We have you covered with some of the top events going on to keep your kid’s future hormonal angst at bay.

From the AFC Championship to Game Night at a local library, here are some fun events for kids in Houston this week.

Game Night @ Aldine Branch Library

Wednesday, January 15 | 5:30PM

A great way to switch up the stressful school week for your kid is to take them to this really fun game night at the Aldine Branch Library. They’ll be having a Smash Bros tournament, but will also have several different games your kid can play on their XBOX One. This game night is free, and why would you miss out on an opportunity to defeat your child at Smash Bros?

Family Magic and Comedy with Carter Blackburn @ Houston Improv

Saturday, January 18 | 12PM

I know what you’re thinking. What could possibly be better than a kid’s magic show on a Saturday afternoon? Adding some comedy. This Saturday, take your kids to see Carter Blackburn, a professional entertainer who will amuse both you and your child for a couple of hours. With a mixture of entertainment like juggling, danger, and high energy magic, this show really will impress everyone no matter your age.

Seventeen @ Smart Financial Centre

Wednesday, January 15 |8PM

Sure, it’s a school night, but how can you keep your KPOP-loving child from seeing Seventeen in concert? I’m sure you’re tired of hearing them blast music in their bedroom you can’t really understand (and won’t admit you enjoy), but they’ll love you forever if you take them to see Seventeen. Trust me.

The ICE @ Discovery Green

Friday, January 17 |5PM

Depending on their age, ice skating is the perfect way to spend a Friday night with your kids. You can do so this week at Discovery Green. Now is the perfect time to really enjoy winter by doing cliché activities most people usually do in this season, like ice skating. Plus, it may actually be hilarious to see your child attempt the winter sport. I’m picturing a newborn giraffe who just discovered it has legs.

Los Angeles Lakers at Houston Rockets @ Toyota Center

Saturday, January 18 |7:30PM

If you have a kid who is really into basketball, this is the perfect weekend for them. Snag some great seats and take them to see the LA Lakers, with Lebron James, play against the Houston Rockets. When your kid grows up they will thank you for taking them to see the legend Lebron in person.

Mario Mania @ Children’s Museum of Houston

Saturday, January 18 | 10AM

If you’re looking for a fun Saturday afternoon activity to do with your kids, take them to the Children’s Museum of Houston for Mario Mania. This event is going to be full of friends, fun games, and racing. While you’re there, you can take the time to show them the rest of the museum as well. It’ll feel like two different activities to them. It’s really a win-win. Parent of the month award goes to you.

AFC Championship TBD at Houston Texans @ NRG Stadium

Sunday, January 19 | 2:05PM

Are you a football family? Then you can’t possibly miss the opportunity to go to this AFC championship game. If your kid loves football as much as you do, they’ll be absolutely ecstatic to find out that you bought them tickets to see a game in person. Especially one that’s part of the playoffs.

Kid’s Crafternoon @ Octavia Fields Branch Library

Wednesday, January 15 | 4:30PM

If you’re still looking for a different way to break up the stressful week for your kid, take them to the Octavia Fields Branch Library so they can learn how to make slime. Here, they can make their very own custom slime and bring it home! Because which parent doesn’t want their kid to bring something gooey into their home? They can wipe all over your brand new carpeting.

(Photo by Caroline Hernandez on Unsplash)