UPDATE: Read our post on the 2012 US Open to compare with these Masters tickets.

Masters Ticket Prices

Masters Ticket Volume

  • As they virtually always are, tickets to the 2012 Masters in Augusta are scarcely available on secondary markets. SeatGeek has estimated that no more than 200 tickets have changed hands for any individual competition round (Th-Sun rounds), with the quantity of 2-day and 4-day badges changing hands on secondary markets between 60 and 80 badges, depending on their duration.
  • Changes in the ticket distribution method for the 2012 Masters made individual day tickets for competition rounds available to the general public through a lottery for the first time ever, but so far that hasn’t led to a huge uptick in volume on secondary markets. Based on our data, the volume of individual day tickets changing hands for competition rounds are either down or flat so far through this week. Out of the most volume we’ve seen is for Friday’s Round 2, with an estimated 185 tickets changing hands through Tuesday. That’s down from the 220 tickets SeatGeek estimates changed hands for Round 2 of the 2011 Masters. As the week continues on there will likely be additional transactions to pull up the 2012 volume numbers, but it’s unlikely that shift to a lottery distribution has materially enlarged the pool of available competition round tickets for sale.
  • Meanwhile, tickets to the Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday practice rounds at the 2012 Masters do seem to be significantly more available this year as compared to last, which may be reflective of a decision by August National to allot more practice round tickets through the lottery distribution channel. Based on SeatGeek data, an estimated 935 tickets to Monday’s practice round changed hands on secondary markets, as compared to just 563 tickets for the Monday practice round in 2011. We’ve seen similar volume upticks with the other two practice rounds, as the volume of available tickets is up 50% for Tuesday’s practice round and 32% for Wednesday’s practice round.

Masters Golf Ticket Prices

  • Despite subtle changes to the Masters ticket distribution system this year, tight supply of tickets on secondary markets in the face of massive fan demand means that Masters tickets are still amongst the most expensive in all of sports, and in the case of almost every round, prices are up over last year’s secondary market averages. I’ve included a table below with average prices for each round as they compare to last year below. 4-day badges are on average costing fans $3,015 – up from $2,911 last year. Tickets to individual competition round sessions are running between $808 to $1,087 on average, with Saturday surprisingly the least expensive single day to attend. Meanwhile, practice rounds prices run from an average of $264 for Monday’s round up to an average of $578 for Wednesday’s practice round and Par 3 competition.
  • With the face value price of a competition round ticket at $75, all 2012 competition round tickets are currently selling for at least a 10-times premium over face value.
  • The latest prices for Masters tickets on secondary markets can be seen on SeatGeek’s event pages for The Masters, found at the following link: https://seatgeek.com/augusta-national-golf-club-tickets/

Masters Badges
The 2011 Masters Tournament in Augusta, Georgia culminated late Sunday afternoon following a day of golf full of the type of suspense the Majors have been missing in the recent past.  A few of the Sunday story-lines included a surge reminiscent of the old Tiger Woods, a possible first time Australian born Masters Champion, and the prospect of a six-man playoff for the title.  In the end, it was proven once again that golf is becoming even more global when the young South African Charl Schwartzel was presented with the Green Jacket.  Even the caliber of play was outdone by the aura and stunning beauty of Bobby Jones’ tribute to golf in Augusta National Golf Club.  All of these reasons and more are why a grounds pass for entry into the Masters has historically been one of the hardest tickets to come by in sports.  Not to worry though, there is a new system in place for 2012 Masters tickets that gives some of us fans a bit of hope.

2012 Masters – Practice Rounds Badges

Badges for practice rounds are easier to come by and not as expensive on the secondary market.  Every year, the Masters allots a certain number of practice rounds badges and accepts applications for a lottery process.  They do not disclose the amount of tickets set aside, but it is said to be small.  Having said that, it is still a lottery and the chances of getting these tickets are very slim.  New for 2012 is that Augusta National is no longer accepting applications by mail.  The only way to apply for 2012 Masters tickets is online on The Masters Ticket page by July 30, 2011.  You can apply for up to four badges per round.  Applicants must be 21 years or older and only one entry is accepted per household.  Winners will be notified in Mid-August, at which point they will have to buy the badges they applied for.

2012 Masters -Tournament Rounds Badges

For many years the only way to get a badge for tournament rounds at the Masters was to either know somebody who is one of the coveted “Series Badge Patrons” or to spend a few thousand dollars in the secondary market.  The first waiting list to be able to buy Masters tickets was originally opened in 1972, but had to be closed in 1978 due to the high demand.  There is so little turnover that the waiting list wasn’t opened again until twenty years later in 2000.  As expected, demand was enormous and that list has also since been closed.  So how do you get a tournament rounds badge for the 2012 Masters without unloading a few thousand dollars?  In past years when ticket patrons passed away in the middle of the year, their tickets were taken out of circulation.   That is not the case for 2012.  These tickets are being distributed to the public.  For the first time ever, Augusta National Golf Club is opening an application process for what they call “a very limited number of badges.”  As with the practice rounds badges, you can access the application for these badges at  The Masters Ticket Page.  Applications are being accepted until June 30, 2011.  You can apply for two tickets for each round, but if you win you must choose only one round.  Applicants must be 21 years or older and only one entry is accepted per household.  Winners will be notified in mid-July if they have received badges.

So to make it to next years Masters Tournament you either need a thick wallet or a bit of luck on your side.  Either way, if you end up securing a ticket to the 2012 Masters it will be an experience matched by few others.  If you’re a die-hard golf fan, you can check out prices for all golf tournaments on our Golf Tickets page on SeatGeek.  Also keep in mind there are three other Majors tournaments this year and you can secure your spot by buying a ticket at any of the links below: