If you’re a devoted listener of The Bill Simmons Podcast, then you may have recently heard about our sweet SeatGeek hats that Bill has been raving about. We’ve got a batch of them here in our office and want to get them in your hands ASAP!

So while supplies last, we’re giving away a SeatGeek hat to the first 100 SeatGeek users in the US or Canada who test out our new SeatGeek Marketplace sales feature (to learn how to post a ticket for sale on SeatGeek, check out our primer on the SeatGeek Marketplace here).

To win your very own SeatGeek hat, all you need to do is the following:

1. Post a ticket for sale on the SeatGeek Marketplace and take a screenshot of your ticket listing.

2. Send us an email to bshats@seatgeek.com with the screenshot of your ticket listing, your name and your mailing address.

3. Sit back and relax – we’ll put a hat in the mail just for you!

We only have 100 of these hats but we’ll produce more in accordance with demand, so stay tuned via our twitter handle @seatgeek for updates!