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This is a question that comes up frequently so I figured I would quickly put it down in a post for people wondering. We make money from two main sources outlined below.

SeatGeek Revenue Sources

1. Ticket Sales – i.e. a cut of ticket sales from our partner sites

SeatGeek is a ticket search engine that aggregates tickets from TicketsNow, TicketNetwork, Ticket Exchange, RazorGator, TicketCity, ViaGoGo, Empire Tickets, eBay, and dozens of ticket broker sites. When someone comes to our site and clicks to buy a ticket they are redirected to the corresponding partner site.

If they complete the order and buy a ticket we get a % of that sale paid to us from the partner site at no additional cost to you, the customers – in Marketingspeak, SeatGeek is 100% free.

2. Digital Sales – i.e. other companies paying us to advertise on SeatGeek

We are hyper-sensitive to providing a great user experience and are fully aware that advertisements are often in direct opposition to a “great user experience”. With that in mind, we feel like we came up with solutions that are beneficial to our advertisers without negatively impacting the ease of use of our core product. Check out the below example which features Fathead in an on-field placement much similar to what you would experience at an actual pro sports game.

Sample SeatGeek Ad With Fathead

Traffic Channels

Historically SeatGeek has grown mostly through Business Development/partnerships (e.g. our Yahoo! Sports partnership), organic search and organic “word-of-mouth” growth via continually strong product updates from our Dev. team such as Deal Score, personalized event calendars and more.

In addition we have an active sports and concerts affiliate program and our venturing more and more into paid marketing.

Further Reading

If you are looking to learn more general info about SeatGeek check out our about page or read about SeatGeek’s engineering on our Developer Blog or browse our site for NFL tickets, concert tickets and more.