Hadestown is a jazzed up journey into the underworld and it’s fittingly one of the hottest tickets on Broadway. The show has been sought after from the beginning and a raft of Tony wins (including the top prize for best musical) have only exacerbated the issue that faces theater fans. Luckily, there are a number of ways that folks can find tickets, increasing the chances of getting in the door for one of the biggest musicals around.

Box Office

If you’re already in New York, it can be worthwhile to walk up to the box office and see if any tickets are available. The Walter Kerr Theatre’s box office is open 10-8 Monday through Saturday. The address is 219 West 48th Street, New York, New York.


SeatGeek is a great option if the show you want to attend is sold out, or if you’re looking for tickets for a large group. They offer a 100% buyer guarantee on tickets, and their detailed venue map allows customers to see exactly where they’ll be sitting. Tickets are ranked using Deal Score, which uses a 10-1 grading system to determine which listings are the best value and ensures that you are receiving the most for your money. Sorting by price helps users to find the cheapest possible tickets available. Shop tickets here, or view select shows below.


Broadway tickets are available via a lottery, that can be joined at LuckySeat. The lotto draws at noon the day before the performance and users have four hours to confirm they want the seats. (Note: the max number of tickets available per winner is two.) Winners pay $42.50 per seat.


Those playing a longer game can donate to Broadway Cares and request a seat via their giveaway Care-Tix. This option is best for people who live in the city and can afford to wait to hear back. Care-Tix allows users to donate to an good cause (fighting AIDS) while seeing the shows they love.


Broadway.com has listings of available seats for upcoming shows. Unlike the lotteries, this website provides the option for large groups to sit together.

Cancellation Line

Now, we’re down to the last-ditch options. Frequently seats that were purchased go unfilled due to unforeseen events or changes in plans. On the night of a show, lucky fans can sometimes scoop up the tickets of a person who couldn’t make it down to the theater.

Standing Room

Hadestown is so popular that they’ve opened up a sort of groundlings ticket option. If you can walk up to the box office, and don’t mind standing for the duration of the play, standing tickets go for $39 and are sold at the theater hours before the play starts.