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Haven’t had the chance to see Dear Evan Hansen performed live? Worried that getting tickets to the Tony Award-winning production might be impossible? Well, relax. With this comprehensive buying guide, you’ll learn of a variety of ways to score seats to this beloved musical.

Primary Market

When it comes to buying Dear Evan Hansen tickets, the most common method is through the primary market. That just means getting your tickets through official channels, and usually at full price. Tickets are first made available through these channels. Read on to learn more about your best primary market options.

Box Office

There are three ways fans of Dear Evan Hansen can make their purchases through the box office.

1. Buy your tickets online through Telecharge. If you’re buying for a group larger than ten people, you can get them through Broadway Inbound.

2. Call 212-239-6200 and order tickets over the phone.

3. Go in person to the Music Theatre Box Office located at 239 West 45th Street, between 7th and 8th Avenues.

Although some of these methods might feel old-fashioned, these are probably the most direct ways to get your hands on Dear Evan Hansen tickets.

A trusted alternative to Telecharge, is a popular choice for ticket purchases. The website is easy to navigate and will let you know which performance tickets are available or recently sold out.

Cancellation Line

It’s a fact of life that plans change constantly. Before giving up on a sold-out Broadway show, hop in the cancellation line (right outside of the venue) and ask about last-minute tickets. The lines can get very long, so show up early and be ready to wait!

National Touring Production

If you can’t get to Broadway to see Dear Evan Hansen, why not let Dear Evan Hansen come to you? The musical is currently touring across North America, with shows in San Francisco, Chicago, Toronto, and Boston to name a few. While Telecharge is handling tickets for Broadway shows, Ticketmaster is a primary source for buying tour tickets.

Join the Website Email List

Perhaps the best way to learn about tickets when they go on sale is to subscribe to the Dear Evan Hansen website’s official email list. The site gives you a chance to sign up for the newsletter and learn ticketing information about Broadway shows.

By joining the mailing list, you’ll be among the first to learn crucial information about when and where new tickets become available, enabling you to make your ticket purchase(s) almost immediately.

Get Your Tickets Months in Advance

While some might wait to the last minute to buy tickets in the hope that prices will drop, this isn’t always the best strategy — especially for a musical this popular. By getting your Dear Evan Hansen tickets as soon as possible, you don’t run the risk of missing out because tickets were suddenly snapped up. Buying far in advance gives you a lot of options, and allows you to get the exact tickets you want for your preferred date and time.

The Dear Evan Hansen Ticket Lottery

Not ready to potentially hand over hundreds of dollars for a seat? Then you’ll definitely want to enter the official lottery, brought to you by Telecharge. To register for a chance to win, sign up using a social media account and then check back daily to see if you’ve won the chance to buy $42 tickets. The lottery might be both your easiest and best chance to save on Dear Evan Hansen tickets.

The Secondary Market

If you’ve checked all available options on the primary market and came up empty-handed, your next best bet is to secure tickets through the secondary market. These tickets, rather than coming directly through primary sources, are available through resale. While it’s possible to score tickets for a lower price, high demand could send tickets on this market soaring, so remember to shop smart.


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Fan-to-Fan Resale

If they can’t see a show themselves, sometimes fans decide to resell their tickets to others. Fans might resell the tickets at face value, or they might charge more for shows that are very popular and otherwise sold out. When it comes to fan-to-fan purchases, always choose a trusted source like Ticketmaster Verified to make sure you’re getting valid tickets.

Quick Tips & Summary

The best way to get Dear Evan Hansen tickets is to be in-the-know and stay that way! Subscribe to the official website email list for real-time information about tickets. Use trusted primary sources like Telecharge and to help you catch a show. If you’re feeling lucky, sign up for the official lottery. Create a SeatGeek account and track Dear Evan Hansen to get the latest information about ticket availability and price drops. And lastly, catch the musical during its North American tour. Best of luck!