The holiday season is fast approaching, and what better gift to give the thespian in your life than the gift of Broadway? Although a trip to NYC plus those coveted Hamilton tickets may seem out of reach, we promise you don’t need to blow your budget to see some good theater. Check out SeatGeek’s top five money-saving tips below!

Waiting to Buy Can Pay Off

If you don’t mind being spontaneous, waiting until the day of the play can often save a theater-goer money when buying tickets. While it’s not a guarantee that prices will drop, sellers with remaining inventory are eager to rid themselves of extra tickets, thus costs go down the closer it gets to show time. Use SeatGeek to track your favorite plays and get notified when prices fluctuate.

Wait Until the Cast Rotates

Hamilton tickets are always going to be pricey, but earlier this year when creator/star Lin Manuel Miranda departed the cast tickets dropped to the lowest they had been in months. If you’re looking to go to a high-profile show like the one above, waiting until the main stars leave the cast will likely save you bucks. We promise the new talent will be just as good.

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Take a Road Trip

Although technically not on Broadway, many musicals that have graced the Great White Way also have casts touring and performing around the country. If you live near a major city, check to see what’s coming to your own theater district. You’ll save a significant amount on tickets and won’t have to wait as long to see a play that may be sold out in New York City.

See a Less Popular Play

Anytime a show becomes popular within pop culture, you can expect sold out tickets and bloated secondary market prices. Instead, do a bit of research and opt for a lesser-known show or one that’s still in previews. Right now you can get face value, box office tickets to Dear Evan Hansen, or the still-in-previews A Bronx Tale on SeatGeek.

Go to a Show During the Week

As with any live event, weekend tickets are often the most expensive because that’s when the majority of people have time off of work. For folks looking to save money on tickets, purchasing one mid-week can save you some serious dough. Also, those post-play dinner rezzies will be a lot easier to come by when you’re not competing with the rest of the city on a Friday night.

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