Here’s a little known fact about SeatGeek; we make 25% of our revenue on advertising. Our advertisers include performing arts venues like Mint Theater, event organizers like ToughMudder, travel companies, local businesses, and ticketing companies. In 2012, we will blow out advertising. We’ve already built an ad targeting platform unrivaled in ticketing that lets advertisers target users by their geography, event types, event locations, and even performers. All we need now is a kick-ass sales team.

A full description of the position and candidate requirements can be found in our jobs section. When screening for our first digital sales hire, we noticed that candidates often came up with poor advertisement integration concepts and didn’t think critically about which brands would make good advertisers. Also, some candidates seemed promising but we weren’t confident they could sell. We expect a deluge of applicants for this position, thus having a good filter is critically important and what better way to filter for our ideal hire than a good ole hiring challenge.*

“Sell yourself to SeatGeek”

To apply to be a Digital Sales Director at SeatGeek, please create a PowerPoint pitch to a brand of your choice. You can use this presentation as the backbone of the pitch and can supplement with a few slides showing ad integrations (or anything else that may be convincing). Once you finish the presentation, send along to with your resume. We’ll invite all promising applicants for a first-round interview. In your interview, I’ll play the role of the brand or agency and you’ll sell SeatGeek.

One of the key components of your pitch deck will be creating thoughtful sponsorship opportunities that are attractive for us and the advertiser. Our philosophy is that we’ll happily integrate any sponsorship provided that it doesn’t disrupt the user experience. In our opinion, the best advertisements feel like features. For example, we were so inspired by Kayak’s filter on its metasearch page that we replicated the same functionality on SeatGeek and companies like Ebay, Prime Sport, and TicketsNow quickly snagged these placements. Since we’ve already deeply integrated ticketing advertisers into SeatGeek, we ask that the brand you choose not be a ticketing company.

Why apply to SeatGeek? For one, we’re growing like crazy. We doubled our traffic in the last four months. We’ll double again before the end of the summer. The only limitation on your sales commission is your ability to sell your vision to brands and agencies. If hearing that excites you, please apply. Additionally, you’ll work with a team of fun and bright folks transforming the broken experience of buying tickets online.

Look forward to hearing from you. Email with your completed presentation and a resume.

*For those scoring at home, this is our fourth hiring challenge. It’s worked brilliantly when searching for our Director of Communications, engineers, and office manager.