I had previously alluded to the coming of this part of the SeatGeek Blog, but now it’s “official”. We are doing this now because we have accumulated a lot of research, analysis and other “assets” that pain [1] me to see sit in email, Dropbox and hard drive purgatory. Plus, seeing other’s like Rand Fishkin effectively reusing internal content to be more transparent has been an ongoing influence.

What Will Be Here

Although there will be some randomness you can expect the following types of posts:

How Can This Blog Be Accessed

Currently, you’ll have to read the posts as they come through. But once our Developer Jose – and begrudged WordPress expert – get’s back from a CakePHP event abroad, all these posts will be found at similar to our Developer blog. We have slowly starting putting out posts in this Insider series – two of which were linked to above – which can be found below:

Note: the posts here will often be short, unpolished and occasionally just copy and pastes from other documents, emails, analyses etc.

Please let us know if you have any questions or suggestions for what you want to see published here. You can comment below or get in touch with me at

1. This doesn’t actually pain me…