Ideas for Labor Day Weekend 2015

Before checking out which events your city has to offer, scroll below for a few ideas on how to celebrate with a few city-neutral, DIY and cheap ideas!

1). Take It To the Beach – While You Still Can!

While fall doesn’t officially begin for another month, for many families, Labor Day is the last true summer weekend, with school just about or already beginning to start. Take advantage of this last gasp of warm-weather freedom by hoofing it to the nearest beach with a cooler and the kids in tow (though, of course, one or both are optional).

2). Throwback Family Weekend

Similarly, a long summer weekend provides the perfect opportunity for quality, outdoorsy bonding time. For those who prefer a single afternoon with relatives, a Labor Day picnic offers both togetherness and a manageable timeframe. The more ambitious can always embark on a 3-day camping trip, either at one site or road-tripping National Lampoon-style to different grounds. (If you’re from the South, Yelp! has some great tips on where to rent a Labor Day Weekend cabin.)

3). Movie Weekend

For others who equate a holiday with relaxation, and “relaxing” with “not moving,” a movie weekend may be your best bet. There’s plenty showing in theaters: click here for a list of mainstream choices, including The Transporter Refueled which comes out on September 4. Or – or in addition to new flicks – there’s always Netflix.

4). Channel Your Inner Chef

We recommend this cooking website, or standby Food Network’s site, for how to celebrate in culinary style. Both offer Labor Day-themed recipes, although our favorite dining idea is to host a Labor Day Lobster Bash – featuring, naturally, the most labor-intensive dish as the main course.

5). Absolutely Nothing

The cheapest option across the board and breadth of the country is to celebrate the hours you put in every week by sleeping a good chunk of them away. Turn off your alarm, make no plans, and don’t get dressed unless someone else has invited you to a picnic, barbecue, film, or his or her front porch for a drink. Happy Labor Day!

About Labor Day Weekend

Labor Day is one of the oldest holidays in the United States, and is a part of the “big six” federal holidays. First celebrated in 1878, Labor Day became a federal holiday in 1894. Over the years, Labor Day has come to represent a slew of  different things to people. To the working crowd, it is a day to celebrate ones hard work and labor. Others treat it as a day of rest and relaxation, while others simply spend the day with family, friends, and perhaps some good food. To students, labor day marks the end of the summer and the beginning of the fall term or semester.

No matter how you treat Labor day, everyone can agree that it is the perfect day to go to a concert or sporting event with friends or family. Although some people will go to relax and unwind, and others will go to celebrate the end of the summer, a live concert, or perhaps a baseball game is the perfect activity for Labor Day weekend 2012.

Labor Day always takes place on the first Monday in September. This year, Labor Day falls on September 3, with the weekend ranging from Friday, August 31 until Monday, September 3. So if you are looking for a great activity this Labor Day weekend, you’ve come to the right place. SeatGeek has compiled a list of all major festivals, concerts, sports games, theater performances, and  more taking place Labor Day weekend 2015.

Things to Do on Labor Day Weekend 2015

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