As I write this there are 32 minutes left before the 2012 SeatGeek Summer Internship program comes to an end1. It is internally — but hopefully not eternally — mind-melting the perceived recency of partying ways with my 2011 intern class, but now I must do it again.2

Letter 2 My Undergrads

To all this year’s interns (Alex, David, Eric, Gina, Isaiah, Jason, Kristen):

I thank you for the time — which is clearly valuable — and commitment this Summer. I am continually impressed with the quality of people, both as workers and human beings, that come through the SeatGeek doors as interns. This class was no exception3. Each one of you taught me something, from the basics, like how to improve the internship in the future, to the more esoteric, like how perfectly DFW uses the English language.

I come out of every Summer a better person, so I thank you all for that. I look forward to witnessing the inevitable successes you experience in life and will selfishly, but not accurately, claim a sliver of responsibility.

Enjoy the remainder of your college days and I look forward to seeing you, and possibly working with you again, in the future.

Read. Use your minds. Be troublesome. Be Happy.

– Chad Burgess

Random Pictures from the Summer

seatgeek intern poker game

Closing Notes

And now that they are gone, it’s just me against the world4 until I we start up our Fall Internship in a month or so.

And now with only one soldier left, a soldier like me, I must end this rambling post, reflect on the fact that life goes on, and attend a party.5

1 Intern days end at 5, but it took some time to write and I had to help get ice for our end of summer party
2 If you follow the link you can see I was more successful at trolling them the SEO game…(unclear as to if that was good or bad).
3 Though, occasionally, exception was taken to the value of time statement from earlier in the post

SeatGeek Intern Street Sprint Race from SeatGeek on Vimeo.

4 Not true. I have a supporting class which includes, but is not limited to, Anna and Noah
5 Aint nothing but a gangsta party